11 Nov

Campus Accommodations for Blind or Low-Vision College Students

Preparing for college can be daunting for high school students, and when you are disabled, there are many things to prepare for after graduation. Even during the first year of high school, it’s helpful for students who are blind or have low vision to start exploring their options through the Individual Education Program (IEP). Depending on the student's interests, the IEP team might suggest attending a two-year college, vocational school, or four-year college.

15 Aug

Accessible Design Terms to Know for Individuals with Low Vision or No Vision

Why do sidewalks have raised, colorful domes on sidewalk ramps? Why do airports have raised strips on walkways? Most people move throughout public spaces without understanding the purpose of these tactile surfaces underneath their feet. Yet, for specific people in our society, these tactile surfaces are the difference between independence and dependence.

03 Feb

What Causes Vision Loss?

Vision loss or impairment can be caused by a number of injuries, illnesses, and more. Some cases happen gradually while others occur suddenly. In some situations, vision loss can be easily corrected with eyeglasses, contact lenses, or surgery. But for most, vision loss is a frustrating experience for many as it dramatically changes their way of life.

Age may also play a part in vision loss, usually changes become apparent after 40 years of age.

Here are some common causes of vision loss.