What Makes High-performance Ada Systems?

Nanotech Materials

TekWay ADA Dome-Tiles are designed with nano-engineered technology to achieve a combination of physical, chemical, and mechanical properties that surpasses standard concrete or plastic. Our nanotech polymer concrete makes it possible to form perfectly defined domes, retain color throughout, and tolerate severe weather conditions while maintaining compliance and safety.

Proven Installation

ADA Dome-Tiles must be installed so that a solid and secure bond to the substrate occurs. The proven TekWay Anchor System and Installation Instructions ensure the permanent attachment of the dome-tiles to the substrate. A true “monolithic structure” between the domes and the concrete substrate is guaranteed. This all but eliminates the need for constant upkeep or replacements, and helps ensure pedestrian safety by maintaining compliance over time.

High-Performance Concrete Formulation

As shown in the ASTM Testing Results, independently conducted testing issued the ASTM certifications guarantee that TekWay ADA Domes are a proven product that possesses long-lasting durability and functionality. For example, the low water absorption rate of less than 0.09% (standard concrete has over 5%) and the compression strength of greater than 16,800psi (standard concrete is ~3,500psi) together enable TekWay High-Performance ADA Domes to withstand the elements, resist deterioration, and deliver compliant and reliable warning and direction to the visually impaired for years to come.

Certified ASTM Testing

TekWay ADA Domes are designed with the ability to custom cut and fit tiles in the field to meet specific architectural design requirements. All of our products are composed of nano-engineered polymer concrete along with a continuous fiber-reinforced membrane. This combination allows high flexural strengths and gives installers the ability to easily core and/or saw cut tiles using a standard diamond blade without concerns of chipping and cracking.

Compression Strength ASTM C 39-04 >16,800psi
Water Absorption ASTM C 97 <0.09%
Freeze / Thaw ASTM C 1262 = 0.00 %
Slip Resistance ASTM 01028 Fa > 0.85
Fexural Strength ASTM C 947 > 3,000 psi
Fexural Strength ASTM C496 >3,000 psi

Key Considerations For Selecting Ada Detectable Warnings

Full Compliance with All Current ADA Laws & Regulations
ADA Dome-Tiles should comply with all federal laws and regulations, as well as those of local jurisdictions. When selecting your ADA tiles or pavers, ensuring compliance with local municipalities is crucial. TekWay® ADA Domes meet even the strictest criteria across the board.
Durability & Performance
Durability is key; this means that the ADA Dome Tile maintains its qualities over the lifetime of the project. It should retain color-fastness throughout, slip resistance, levelness, and overall compliance the entire length of time it is in the ground. TekWay® ADA Domes will outlast even the concrete it is set into, retaining color and texture throughout.
ADA Domes are a prevalent visual aspect of the city, transit platform, stadium, airport, school, or community that they are implemented. They should be attractive, adding to their surroundings rather than detracting, and they should do so no matter the weather or setting. We offer custom shapes, sizes, and colors to ensure the perfect fit for any project™.
High Slip Resistance
Considering ADA Dome-Tiles are to aid the visually impaired, slip resistance is extremely important for the safety of pedestrians. One of the biggest issues with other products on the market is that they degrade over time, and lose their slip resistance. TekWay® ADA Domes maintain high slip resistance over time, ensuring pedestrian safety.
Extremely Low Water Absorption
ADA Detectable Warning Tiles are subjected to ever changing temperature swings and inclement weather. Zero-to-low water absorption is key to the longevity of any material. Our nano-engineered concrete permits a Water Absorption rate of less than <0.09%, meaning that degredation of TekWay® ADA Systems is practically non-existent.
Proven, Secure, & Maintenance-Free Installation System
When installing ADA Detectable Warning Systems, there cannot be any voids between the tile and concrete to ensure secure and maintenance-free installation. To accomplish this, TekWay® ADA Domes are made of a nano-engineered polymer concrete, and installed with anchors into wet-set concrete, creating a natural, void-free bond between tile and setting.
Price & Warranty
Pricing varies and is always depending on chosen color, size of tile, quantities, freight charges and additional options. All TekWay® ADA Systems come with a convincing 10-year warranty against manufacturing defects. This is double of the current industry-standard, and is backed by a dedicated customer service team.
Regular ASTM Testing
Regular testing is absolutely crucial in choosing a detectable warning tile. The American Society for Testing & Materials is an independent body that provides reliable data on the strengths and properties of materials, ensuring that products meet or exceed standards and claims. Our ADA Dome Tiles are designed to the highest standards, and it shows in our ASTM test results.

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