What makes High Performance ADA Domes?


Durability means retaining compliance, color, and durability over the lifetime of the project.

StrongGo® Industries offers a full complement of TekWay® High-Performance ADA Systems, which are fully compliant and right for any job large or small. These durable, aesthetically pleasing domes are available in almost all natural and federal colors, sizes, dome spacing, and even with custom shaped tiles. If you are looking for a custom color, size, or layout that hasn’t been designed yet, we are glad to offer our services. All TekWay® ADA Systems are economically-priced and are by far the best buy when you consider the lifetime of your project.

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Full Compliance with all current ADA Laws and Regulations

ADA Dome-Tiles should comply with all federal laws and regulations including local jurisdictions. TekWay ADA Domes meet even the strictest criteria across the board.

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Durability & Performance

Durability means that the ADA Dome Tile maintains its qualities over the lifetime of the project. It should retain color-fastness throughout, slip resistance, and overall compliance the entire length of time it is in the ground. TekWay ADA Domes will retain its color and texture for the lifetime of the project.

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ADA Domes should give you the flexibility to enhance the architectural design of the area. TekWay ADA Domes offer custom shapes, colors, and sizes for any project.

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High Slip Resistance

It is extremely important that ADA Dome-Tiles provide slip resistance for the safety of all pedestrians. TekWay ADA Domes maintain high slip resistance over the lifetime of the product ensuring pedestrian safety.

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Extremely Low Water Absorption

ADA Detectable Warning Tiles are subjected to inclement weather including rain, snow, and ice. Low water absorption is key to the longevity of any material. TekWay’s nano-engineered concrete has a low water absorption rate of less than < 0.09%.

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Proven, Secure, & Maintenance-Free Installation System

ADA Detectable Warning System’s installation should create a secure bond between the tile and the concrete. To accomplish this, TekWay ADA Domes are made of a nano-engineered polymer concrete and installed with anchors into wet-set concrete, creating a solid and secure bond.

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Price & Warranty

Pricing varies and always depends on chosen color, size of tile, quantities, freight charges, and additional options. All TekWay® ADA Systems come with a convincing 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects. This is double of the current industry-standard and is backed by a dedicated customer service team.

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ASTM Testing

The American Society for Testing & Materials, (ASTM) is an independent body that provides reliable data on the strengths and properties of materials, ensuring that products meet or exceed standards and claims. ASTM testing of TekWay ADA Dome Tiles proves its commitment to high standards and claims.

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Nanotech Materials

TekWay ADA Dome-Tiles are designed with nano-engineered technology to achieve a combination of physical, chemical and mechanical properties that surpasses standard concrete or plastic. Nano Tech Materials makes it possible to form perfectly defined domes, retain color throughout and tolerate severe weather conditions.


Proven Installation

ADA Dome-Tiles must be installed so that a solid and secure bond to the substrate occurs. The proven TekWay Anchor System and Installation Instructions together ensure the permanent attachment of the Domes to the substrate. A true ‘monolithic structure’ between the Domes and the concrete substrate is guaranteed.


High Performance Concrete Formulation

As shown in the ASTM Testing Results, independently conducted testing issued the ASTM certifications guarantee that TekWay ADA Domes are a proven product which possesses long lasting durability and functionality.

For example, the low water absorption rate of less than 0.09% (standard concrete has over 5%) and the compression strength of greater than 16,800psi (standard concrete is ~3,500psi) together enable TekWay High-Performance ADA Domes to withstand the elements, resists deterioration and deliver compliant and reliable warning and direction to the visually impaired for years to come.