High Performance ADA Domes


The Designer and Manufacturer of TekWay® High Performance ADA Domes

Welcome to our website.  We are proud of our products and grateful for their resounding acceptance throughout the world of design and construction.
Therefore, we would like to thank all our longtime clients as well as the many first-time designers, engineers in public works and private organizations as well as all customers that have invested time to research the best long-term and proven solution for their detectable warning needs.

TekWay® ADA Domes have been brought to market owing to an initial request by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) which has been searching for an ADA Dome-paver 'designed to resist' the harsh climate conditions within their state. Back in 2003, the objective for a period of durability and lasting functionality of ADA Domes had been set for a minimum of ten years.

Since market-introduction in early 2004, TekWay ADA Domes deliver on that specific objective, they function as designed and to full customer satisfaction. They became a reliable device of orientation to the visually impaired and a proven solution to project owners.  Aesthetically pleasing, TekWay® ADA Dome-Pavers are enhancing curb ramps, street crossings, medians, mass transit bus stations and rail platforms as well as entrances to businesses, parks and other locations within the public 'right-of-way'.

StrongGo® Industries is the owner, designer, developer and dedicated manufacturer of TekWay® High Performance ADA Domes/Detectable warning systems. All materials used for the manufacturing of nano-engineered and fiber-reinforced concrete composite TekWay® ADA Domes are of 100% US origin and every delivered TekWay® ADA Dome-Paver is made exclusively in the USA.

The need for detectable warning systems to warn visually impaired pedestrians of hazards on a path of travel has been recognized since 1991, when the ADA enacted the requirements for truncated domes. In 2001, the Department of Justice established the requirements for detectable warning surfaces for curb ramps, hazardous vehicular ways and mass transit platforms within the public 'right-of-way'. The implementation and reliable functioning of ADA Domes at legally defined locations is considered a civil right.

StrongGo® Industries is a company devoted to the ongoing research, development and manufacturing of products that have been formulated to possess outstanding physical, chemical and mechanical properties. StrongGo incorporates its advanced nanotechnology into every high quality product manufactured. Most certainly, these high quality standards extend into every custom line of work to create fully customer-satisfying solutions for applications in construction, mining and other industries.

As with all good things, the journey to identifying the best product takes an informed buyer, knowledge and diligence. Your journey has begun. 

Thank you for your consideration and interest in TekWay® High Performance ADA Domes. 



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