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Urban Expansion & Detectable Dome Tiles

One result of population growth within cities is something called urban expansion, which is the unrestricted growth of housing, businesses, and roads without any specific planning. Urban expansion influences cities’ social and environmental dynamics, causing a number of disadvantages, including longer commutes, higher transportation costs, pollution, and loss of countryside.

Urban expansion is commonly accused of causing more waste, higher carbon emissions, and more water and electricity usage. As people spread farther and farther from cities, public services are stretched thin and often cost more. Private vehicles have become the primary source of transportation. More and more people spend a higher percentage of their income on transport.

As cities expand further into the suburbs and rural spaces, we need those areas to have more public spaces that serve people of all abilities. Everyone benefits from better public transportation, maintained sidewalks, green spaces, bike paths, and detectable dome tiles.

Public Transportation

For people to commute to jobs and decrease their carbon emissions, public transportation is a must. For most areas outside of the city center, this means buses. However, some cities have metros, trains, or subways that reach the suburbia’s edge. Public transportation cuts down on city congestion and increases accessibility for individuals with low vision or other impairments.


Sidewalks increase the safety of pedestrians. This means that people may choose to walk rather than drive because they feel safe. Better for the environment and personal health, walking is an accessible option for individuals who may be unable to drive or bike. Sidewalks need to be up to code, maintained, and ADA compliant with curb cuts and detectable dome tiles.

Green Spaces

One way cities and suburban areas can offset carbon emissions and encourage biking and walking is by providing more public parks, recreational facilities, and green courtyards. These spaces allow children to play safely. They can also provide a space for people with low vision to enjoy walks without fear of vehicles, especially if the park presents a maintained walking path.

Bike Paths

Efficient bike paths that connect specific neighborhoods to downtown areas can be the key to more individuals choosing to bike overdriving or public transportation. Bicycling offers health benefits, environmental benefits, and budget boosting possibilities. As cities expand, thoughtfully designed bike paths can be pivotal in creating communities that focus on the environment’s health.

Detectable Dome Tiles

Both tangible and visual cues to pedestrians, detectable warning dome tiles are used on public transportation platforms, sidewalks, and curb cuts to share information about the edge of a curb or an upcoming crosswalk. Detectable warning dome tiles are slip-resistant and ADA standard.

At StrongGo, we believe in creating a more accessible world. For us, that means creating detectable warning dome tiles that are durable and reliable, ensuring all pedestrians’ safety no matter their ability. Speak with an industry expert today by emailing


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