TekWay Durability + Interchangeability

All TekWay products are ADA compliant and made with durable material that can withstand different weather conditions, and Colored with a powder coating for a long-lasting, and vibrant, ADA-compliant color. Surface Applied Galvanized Metal Tiles can be easily replaced when necessary, changed out and conformed to fit any surface in a wide variety of applications, like transit platforms, curb ramps, and pedestrian crossing installed for existing structures.d


ADA compliant with perfectly defined and dimensioned truncated domes


Durable powder coating provides beautiful, lasting color.


Lower cost per tile and cost per installation.


16 Gauge steel provides the durability you need for existing structures.


Easily change out tiles in areas that require it.

Existing Structures

The perfect solution when wet-set installation is unavailable.

Federal Metal Colors

TekWay Surface Applied Metal Tiles come in a variety of standard metal colors that will maintain their contrast and alert pedestrians throughout the lifetime of the project.

Natural Metal Colors

Choosing the right type of tile

The type of tile you need depends solely on where you are placing it. Understanding which kinds of TekWay tiles It’s important to understand the different types of TekWay tile that will benefit existing infrastructure or new locations is essential to providing physical cues for the visually impaired and remaining ADA compliant — from color codes to durability. Ensure your infrastructure remains compliant through and through. All TekWay tactile walking surface indicators are made out of durable material. Benefit your existing structure and the pedestrians and bicyclists near you with ADA compliant Surface-Applied Metal Tiles.

Surface-Applied Metal Tiles

Best option for existing infrastructure

Because of an already existing infrastructure, some tiles cannot be installed using a wet-set. Surface-Applied Metal Tiles guarantee durability over a long time, easy replaceability as necessary, and long-lasting color.
Some tiles can’t be installed using wet-set because of an already existing infrastructure. Surface-Applied Metal Tiles are guaranteed durable with long-lasting color that can be easily inserted and replaced if necessary.

Available Colors (Call for Custom):
Federal Colors, Metal Colors
Standard Sizes (Call for Custom):
24"  x 24"
24"  x 30"
24"  x 36"

Learn more about our product lines

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Sidewalks & Curb Ramp ADA Systems

Durable and reliable over the lifetime of the project, our sidewalk and curb ramp systems can be manufactured to achieve the specific needs of your walkways while achieving a greater accessible city.

Mass Transit ADA Systems

Bus, rail, and streetcar platforms are all unique unto themselves. To safeguard the wide range of transportation environments, we make a full line of straight or bull-nose dome tiles, pre-warning strips, and Tactile Direction Indicators and Navigational tiles.

True Radius ADA Systems & Architectural Series

We can create any specialty tile. Our Architectural Series works within the guidelines of local municipalities and ADA requirements to give you everything from True Radius Tiles to Brick Patterns--all with a range of Federal & Natural colors, and all ADA compliant.

Tactile Warning Delineators (TWDs)

The boundary between cyclists and pedestrians becomes more clear with delineator tiles. Tactile Warning Delineators (TWDs) provide a detectable change in slope on pedestrian access routes, indicating to people that they are transitioning from one space to another.

ADA Surface Applied Metal for Existing Infrastructure

Not all Tactile Warning Systems can be installed using Wet-Set; sometimes, they need to be Surface-Applied or thin-set. Our ADA Surface Applied Metal Tiles were designed for this; giving you the durability and quality of TekWay with the convenience of Surface Applied tiles.

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