High Performance ADA Domes

Mass Transit

Industry-Leading TekWay®  ADA Domes Designed Specifically for Mass Transit Applications


TekWay® ADA Domes are chosen for projects where design, safety and aesthetics are of paramount importance.


TekWay® ADA Dome-Tiles innovations now address the unique challenges of Mass Transit applications. Feel secure choosing the lasting compliance and safety of TekWay® without compromising your design and aesthetic ideals. 


Please refer to the table below:



To prepare for current and future Mass Transit projects, designers must select specialized ADA compliant Detectable Warning tiles that will withstand the severe stresses created by high volumes of foot traffic & mobility devices at the platform edge. Tekway® High Performance ADA Dome Tiles are a proven system that meets specifications long after they are installed.


In rail stations, platform boarding edges must have detectable warnings with a minimum 24” width/depth along the full length of the public use area of the platform (¶ 705.2 and ¶ 810.5.2). This is required by the DOJ and DOT ADA Standards as well as the ABA Standards. TekWay® ADA Dome-Tiles fulfill this legal requirement of 24” width in its entire product line. 


Additional Benefits Tekway® offers:

•    Dedicated Customer Service

•    Multiple colors, sizes, and configurations including Bull-Nose

•    Tile specific shop Drawings

•    Consulting for Layout/Design

•    On-site Installation Training Classes available