Disabled people protesting for ADA compliance
05 Jan

Why ADA Compliance is Important to People

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) lays down a standard for businesses, public spaces, and people that encourages a level of accessibility for all individuals. This alone makes ADA compliance important. 

Statistically, there are over 54 million Americans with a form of disability. When that number is broken down, that’s about 19 percent or one in every five Americans. As the population grows and ages, more individuals will acquire disabilities.

ADA compliance does mean extra work and sometimes more expense, but in the long run, it will serve you and your business well.

ADA Compliance is the Law

The ADA was established to provide protections for individuals with disabilities. The Department of Justice monitors businesses for ADA compliance from employee discrimination to meeting the ADA standards for business spaces. If someone feels that they have faced an accessibility barrier, that person can file a complaint. Businesses can be penalized up to $150,000 for ADA violations.

ADA Compliance Benefits Business

Since the US Census Bureau points out that nearly 1 in 5 Americans deal with a disability, businesses who prioritize accessibility may find themselves with more business. In fact, the Association of People Supporting Employment First notes that customers with disabilities and their communities cover a $3 trillion market segment. That’s no small number.

ADA Compliance Supports the Aging Population

In years past, certain diseases and injuries would have resulted in fatalities; however, medical advancements mean that people are living longer and thriving. This does mean that more and more people are existing with disabilities. 

ADA Compliance Provides Tax Write-Offs and Financial Assistance

The ADA also provides certain resources for businesses that are trying to become ADA compliant. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) provides the Disabled Access Credit (section 44) to aid in some of the cost of meeting accessibility standards. In fact, this deduction can be up to $15,000 per year, which can be a huge help for businesses.

ADA Compliance Serves the Community

From physical to social barriers, individuals with disabilities often have faced difficulties that make it even more difficult for them to function in life. Broken sidewalks, no curb cuts, and lack of ramps can make it impossible for individuals to access public spaces and to interact with everyday life. ADA compliant businesses gain a larger customer base, enable enriching life experiences for people of all abilities, and receive the positive branding of being a socially responsible business.

ADA Compliance Attracts Business

That’s right. Since individuals with disabilities often form a tight-knit community, businesses that serve these individuals often receive more business because of word-of-mouth advertising. Moreover, in a 2015 survey by Cone Communications, 81 percent of consumers prefer to support socially responsible businesses. Across the board, consumers tend to prefer supporting companies that make great decisions that prioritize their community and the bigger world.

ADA compliance continues to gain support as more and more people recognize that a more accessible world benefits the whole community. At StrongGo, we take accessibility in stride by designing and manufacturing TekWay detectable dome tiles that ensure a more accessible and safer route for all pedestrians. Speak with an industry expert today with an email to csd@stronggo.com.