Accessible Office
23 Aug

Simple Ways to Make Your Office Accessible

Creating an accessible world means taking a few simple steps to make your office accessible. The government mandates that workplaces be equal opportunity employers, and this includes creating an accessible workplace. If your office wants to better serve individuals with disabilities, consider these simple ways to make your office accessible.

Awareness and Training

Integrating employees with disabilities into the workplace requires that all employees understand the mission of the company to be inclusive and accessible. This means arming employees with knowledge and etiquette for interacting with coworkers with disabilities. In some cases, employees may have certain biases without realizing it, and it’s also important for workers to know what to do in case of an emergency.

Office Lighting

For people with partial vision, lighting is crucial. And for people who use wheelchairs, being able to easily reach the light switch can increase their comfort and independence. Meanwhile, some individuals may be sensitive to certain types of light that can cause debilitating migraines.

When planning lighting for office space, be sure to provide many options for lighting. The best lighting is natural light from large windows, but you can also provide ceiling lights, lamps, desk lamps, and more. For floor lamps, be sure that there’s a contrast between the floor lampstand and the floor so those with poor vision will be less likely to trip.

For turning on lights, consider installing light switches that are low enough for wheelchairs. However, lights can also be activated by motion sensors or voice commands. Good lighting is essential for all workers and improves work performance, especially natural lighting.

Accessible Office Furniture

Furniture plays a big part in creating a comfortable office for most individuals. For someone with certain disabilities, office furniture must have another level of practicality. At the same time, it’s good for the furniture to also be visually appealing to the worker.

For individuals who use a wheelchair, the furniture must be spaced far enough away that they can be easily navigated around. The desk should easily accommodate a wheelchair. Shelves and drawers should also be created with the user in mind, meaning that they are at an accessible height.

For someone with low vision, use textures to help them navigate the office space, whether placing tape across the back of the chair or adding a strip of carpet across the wall. In some cases, it may be smart to choose furniture that has rounded edges to minimize painful bruises.

Accessible Office Organization

Keeping an office accessible and organized requires tools that are made specifically for workers with disabilities. This means providing storage containers that are accessible for individuals who use wheelchairs or have low vision. Consider using storage containers that have easy-to-grip handles or no doors.

For organization, use contrasting colors to keep your work organized. Whether you use containers or tag things online, this can help workers stay on task. Workplaces should offer different ways to organize work and minimize clutter.

Quick Tips to Make Your Office Accessible

Today’s technology and knowledge allows for living and workspaces to be more accessible than ever. The key is getting the right equipment on hand to make your work accessible and easier to do. Check out these quick tips to make your office accessible.

  • Speech Recognition Software
  • Extra Large Keyboard Keys
  • Close-Captioned Phone
  • Wide Doorways
  • Stair Lifts
  • Handrails
  • Plenty of Space for Wheelchair Navigation
  • Ramps
  • Customized Phones and Office Accessories
  • Adjustable Tables and Desks
  • Easy-to-Access Shelving and Filing Systems
  • Personalized Computer Systems

An accessible office can make all the difference for creating an inclusive work environment and equipping employees to succeed in their work-life and career. Productive employees benefit the overall company, and an accessible office can benefit everyone.

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