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7 Key Considerations for Choosing Detectable Dome Tiles

Choosing detectable dome tiles comes down to seven key considerations starting with ADA compliance. Detectable dome tiles require a high level of durability to withstand constant pedestrian traffic and heavy motor vehicles. Beyond the general traffic, detectable warning dome tiles also deal with extreme temperatures and weather patterns. When choosing detectable dome tiles, consider these important factors for choosing a dome tile that meets ADA compliance standards from color to durability.

1. ADA Compliance

Federal laws and regulations specify the important factors that create the safest and most durable detectable dome tiles that will serve all pedestrians from those with impaired vision to those with mobility issues. Check to ensure that your project not only meets Federal standards but also any state or local regulations as well.

2. Detectable Dome Tile Performance

The best detectable dome tiles maintain their durability across the entire lifetime of a project or construction. Basically, this means that the detectable dome tile must retain its color, slip resistance, and ADA compliance. These qualities are crucial for high performing detectable warning dome tiles.

3. Aesthetics

Detectable dome tiles do not need to be boring. In fact, dome tiles are required to have a high color contrast with the surrounding environments, and they are available in many custom shapes, colors, and sizes.

4. Slip Resistance

Detectable dome tiles must be slip resistant since they are on walkways and urban thoroughfares. Inclement weather can already make walking hazardous, but slick sidewalks or curb cuts are more dangerous. Therefore, detectable dome tiles must provide high slip resistance to ensure pedestrian safety.

5. Low Water Absorption

To ensure the detectable warning dome tiles sustain a long life, a low water absorption rate is imperative. Since water can expand based on its temperature, it can easily ruin the soundness of a material. The longevity of detectable dome tiles is based on their low water absorption. TekWay’s nano-engineered concrete offers a water absorption rate of less than 0.09%.

6. Quality Installation System

A secure bond between the detectable dome tile and the corresponding concrete is crucial for creating a strong foundation that will stand the test of time. The best installation processes will include nano-engineered polymer concrete, installed with anchors in wet-set concrete.

7. ASTM Testing

Ensure that the detectable dome tiles are especially reliable and meet the appropriate standards. The American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM) provides data on the strength and properties of materials such as detectable warning tiles. When dome tiles receive this testing, it solidifies their commitment to high standards. StrongGo designs and builds TekWay® ADA dome tiles that are not only durable but reliable. Each detectable dome tile is created from nanotech materials that use a combination of physical, chemical, and mechanical properties that surpass standard concrete and plastic every time. Proven installation ensures a secure bond between dome tiles and corresponding environment. All our TekWay® ADA Systems include a convincing 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects. At StrongGo, our goal is a more accessible world, and we do our part by offering ADA compliant detectable warning dome tiles for every project design. Discover your options today by emailing us at

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