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StrongGo Industries:

The Designer & Manufacturer of TekWay High-Performance ADA Systems

StrongGo Industries is at the leading edge of Custom Polymer Technologies. A company devoted to the ongoing research, development, and manufacturing of products that have been formulated to possess outstanding physical, chemical, and mechanical properties.

Since 2004, TekWay has been producing reliable ADA Dome Tile solutions to create the perfect balance of functionality, durability, and aesthetics. Through nano-engineering of TekWay ADA products and a proven installation process, StrongGo delivers the best performing ADA system today.

  • Sidewalks & Curb Ramp ADA Systems

    Durable and reliable over the lifetime of the project, our sidewalk and curb ramp systems can be manufactured to achieve the specific needs of your walkways while achieving a greater accessible city.

  • Mass Transit ADA Systems

    Bus, rail, and streetcar platforms are all unique unto themselves. To safeguard the wide range of transportation environments, we make a full line of straight or bull-nose dome tiles, pre-warning strips, and Tactile Direction Indicators and Navigational tiles.

  • True Radius ADA Systems & Architectural Series

    We can create any specialty tile. Our Architectural Series works within the guidelines of local municipalities and ADA requirements to give you everything from True Radius Tiles to Brick Patterns--all with a range of Federal & Natural colors, and all ADA compliant.

  • Tactile Warning Delineators (TWDs)

    The boundary between cyclists and pedestrians becomes more clear with delineator tiles. Tactile Warning Delineators (TWDs) provide a detectable change in slope on pedestrian access routes, indicating to people that they are transitioning from one space to another.

  • ADA Surface Applied Metal for Existing Infrastructure

    Not all Tactile Warning Systems can be installed using Wet-Set; sometimes, they need to be Surface-Applied or thin-set. Our ADA Surface Applied Metal Tiles were designed for this; giving you the durability and quality of TekWay with the convenience of Surface Applied tiles.

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Home Blocks
Detectable Warning applications
Trams, Trains & Buses

To prepare for current and future Mass Transit projects, designers must select specialized ADA compliant Detectable Warning Surface tiles that will withstand the severe stresses created by high volumes of foot traffic and mobility devices at the platform edge. Tekway High-Performance ADA Tactile Walking Surface Indicator Tiles are a proven system that stay compliant and safe, long after they are installed.

Residential & Urban Walkways

Sidewalks are the lifeline for all pedestrians in any municipality, connecting people from all walks of life to basic necessities and entertainment. Sidewalks last for decades—as should the detectable warning tiles beside them. From dense urban centers to suburban neighborhoods, our detectable warnings will ensure pedestrian safety.

Universities & Schools

Earning a college degree is a challenge for anyone. Now, add into the equation the need to navigate through the college campus to your classes, whether on foot, bike, scooter, skateboard, or mobility device. Just as tools are needed in every other occupation, Tactile Walking Surface Indicators are used to assist people to travel safely around busy institutions without fear.

Commercial Applications

Commercial buildings and developments often have unique requirements, from customizable sizes and shapes to different colors of tiles. TekWay can tailor its products to fit any needs, providing lasting durability and aesthetics. Set it and forget it, rather than choosing a product that requires periodic replacing and risks becoming noncompliant and unsafe.

Sports Venues

All stadiums and sporting facilities are required to be ADA accessible. TekWay can customize your ADA Tactile Walking Surface Indicators to compliment the surrounding walkways and curb ramps with your favorite home team’s colors. These tactile guidance surfaces will maintain the same level of durability and withstand the expected high pedestrian traffic.

Parks & Recreation

Public accommodations like parks and recreational spaces are designed to be a safe place for enjoying the outdoors. Local and national government officials are required to plan for people with disabilities and to adhere to ADA regulations. Part of the ADA regulations requires the use of detectable warning tiles to be used as a navigational tool for those with low vision.

Airport Applications

Airports have constant foot, vehicle, and baggage traffic, and maintaining compliance in such a busy area can be challenging. TekWay ADA systems are the total solution for this type of environment, offering durable longevity and non-slip surfaces that are able to withstand the heavy traffic required.

News & Updates

News & Updates