High Performance ADA Domes

In order to manufacture nano-engineered concrete ADA Domes that will perform on the highest levels, the right ingredients and high energy mixing for proper dispersion are required. Nano-engineering encompasses and comprehends the techniques and methods of manipulation of the inner structure of concrete at the nanometer scale and thus to develop a new generation of cementitious composites with superior mechanical performance and durability.  Nano-technology is not exactly a new technology for it is rather an extrapolation of the present-day ones to a new scale, and at that scale the conventional tools and rules do no longer apply. Therefore, it offers the ability to work from the ground-up of materials-design to the top in order to achieve the "purpose of high performance" prior defined for the concrete-product in the field. The purpose of TekWay ADA Domes is to resist the elements for years to come and to form a permanent monolithic structure with its substrate after proper installation.

Hi-Strength Concrete always serves as the base-material for the manufacturing of TekWay ADA Domes. This, in combination with nano-engineered concrete chemistry creates TekWay's outstanding physical, chemical and mechanical properties and characteristics *, as indicated below:

  • Compression Strength greater than 16,800psi
  • Water Absorption less than 0.09%
  • Flexural Strength greater than 3,000psi
  • Freeze/Thaw = 0.00%

* (more information about the properties and characteristics of TekWay ADA Domes is available on the page ASTM - Testing)


In a nutshell, TekWay® High Performance ADA Domes are built to last and proven to serve the visually impaired community as a long-term reliable device for orientation in today's growing traffic environment.