High Performance ADA Domes

Consulting & Design

Consulting and Custom Designed ADA Dome Tiles

Our objective is to seamlessly incorporate our high-performance detectable warning solutions, under the brand name TekWay® High Performance ADA Domes, into your construction project. Our engineering and technical staff is prepared to apply their industry know-how and cutting-edge technology to create the optimum solution.

Upon request, we can offer the following items as part of our consulting services:

  • Specifications
  • Load calculations
  • Structural calculations and element analysis
  • 3-D renderings
  • 3-D prototyping
  • CAD Technical drawings
  • Testing and certification of existing and new materials
  • Technical data regarding product testing
  • Special shape or design of TekWay® ADA Dome-Tiles

Therefore, if you’re planning an installation which requires custom engineering or a special design of ADA dome-tiles, reach out to  for the solution.  Our Technical Department has comprehensive experience in assisting with the specific design needs for ADA Domes within Mass Transit Projects, Medical Centers, Hotels, Stadiums, Airports and other commercial projects.


Below please see an example for a project-specific designed TekWay ADA Dome-tile:

Tekway® project-specific designed 45° ADA Dome-Tiles which permit the installation without cutting through the domes


TekWay® High Performance ADA Domes have been designed, developed and manufactured by StrongGo® Industries, Arizona, USA since 2004.

TekWay® ADA Domes have been created with a cementitious base, fiber-reinforcement, and nanotechnologies in StrongGo®’s in-house state-of-the-art laboratory for material development and product testing. StrongGo®’s engineers and technical resources allow for the creation of innovative products which provide real business solutions for projects of varying size and complexity.