High Performance ADA Domes

Installation Training

Onsite Installation Training

StrongGo® Industries has designed and manufactured TekWay® High Performance ADA Domes since 2004.

These detectable warning tiles are an important orientation-device that literally every visually impaired citizen relies on to be installed in the correct location and be ADA compliant in shape and dimensions. These dome-tiles must also maintain slip resistance and as well as sustain color contrast over time.  These domes are to be installed in all locations requiring detectable warning applications within the ‘public-right-of-way’ including sidewalk ramps, street medians, mass transit platforms, etc.

StrongGo® has 3 options for previewing the installation instructions available to meet your needs:

  • Written Instructions
  • Online Video for Wet-set installation into fresh concrete
  • Video for Thin-set installs into a cured recessed area
  • On-site Training through a TekWay® Field Technician

1.      Written Instructions   –   attached to every shipment

These instructions are written to provide each customer with an easy and complete ‘step by step’ procedure with which to follow for a successful installation. 


Wet Set Installation Thin Set Installation


2.     Video Instructions    

These instructions are for reference only. Please follow the installation documentation above for the full installation instructions. 



These video-instructions (in english or spanish) allow the installer to listen to the narrator’s voice as well as being able to read the on-screen instructions. 

These depict a standard 'wet-set' installation. 


3.     On-site Training    -   for Mass Transit Platforms and other larger sized projects (on request only)

Providing you the right information for your installation application is important to us.  We will work with your company or government agency to schedule a training class at a time that is beneficial for you.


In general, we suggest meeting with your team at the jobsite to make the training ‘hands-on’ and most importantly, productive.  Our trainer will go step-by-step through a concise and project specific Training Agenda to ensure you produce a solid maintenance-free installation of TekWay® ADA Domes.


Please contact our customer service department under for further information.