High Performance ADA Domes

High Performance Domes



High Performance ADA Dome-Tiles are the Result of the 'Synthesis' of the following two 'Factors':

1. The detectable warning shall be manufactured using Nanotechnology Materials (NTM) and be Cementitious-based.

2. The detectable warning shall be installed without voids or trapped air beneath the tiles (VFI) and and in combination with a proven anchoring system.

Please note: If either one of the above two 'factors' is not considered, it is very likely that the overall 'High Performance' of the ADA Domes cannot be achieved and maintained.


Nano-Tech Materials

TekWay® ADA Dome-Tiles are engineered with nanotechnology to achieve a combination of physical, chemical and mechanical properties to surpass standard concrete or plastic. The NTM makes it possible to form perfectly defined and durable domes, retain color throughout and tolerate extreme hot and cold conditions including large temperature swings.


Void-Free Installation 

ADA Dome-Tiles must be installed void-free for a solid and uniform attachment to the substrate. The proven TekWay® Anchor System and Installation Instructions together ensure the permanent attachment of the Domes to the substrate needed to withstand any conditions. A true 'monolithic structure' between the Domes and the concrete substrate is guaranteed.


High Performance Concrete Formulation

As shown in the ASTM Testing Results, independently conducted and issued ASTM certifications guarantee that TekWay® ADA Domes are a proven system which possesses long lasting durability and functionality.

For instance, the extremely low water absorption rate of less than 0.09% (standard concrete has over 5%) and the outstanding compression value of greater than 16,800psi (standard concrete is ~3,500psi) together enable TekWay® High-Performance ADA Domes to withstand the elements, resists deterioration, and deliver compliant and reliable warning and direction to the visually impaired users for years to come.