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Directional Tiles

TekWay® High Performance ADA Domes
Directional Tiles for Mass Transit Platforms

Directional Tiles are a standardized surface which conveys wayfinding information to pedestrians with vision impairments.  Wayfinding information provides orientation clues for these individuals to delineate paths across open plazas, crosswalks, and complex indoor environments, such as transit stations or the location of a crossing that may not be in an expected location such as at roundabouts and midblock crossings. Directional surfaces are only useful to pedestrians with vision impairments if the information is identifiable and easy to understand.

The Directional Tile surface consists of raised bars aligned in the direction of the path of travel which can assist in locating the entrance to a building, a bus stop or a light rail.

Directional tiles are required to meet the same standards as all detectable warning tiles such as, color contrast, (light on dark – dark on light), slip resistance, colorfastness and durability.


TekWay® High Performance ADA Directional Tile located on Rail Platform where passengers enter and exit cars



11B-247.2 Detectable Directional Texture. At transit boarding platforms, the pedestrian access shall be identified with a detectable directional texture complying with 11B-705.2.


11B-705.2 Detectable Directional Texture. Detectable directional texture at transit boarding platforms shall comply with Figure 11B-705.2 and shall be 0.1 inch (2.5 mm) in height that tapers off to 0.04 inch (1.0 mm), with bars raised 0.2 inch (5.1 mm) from the surface. The raised bars shall be 1.3 inches (33 mm) wide and 3 inches (76 mm) from center-to-center of each bar. This surface shall differ from adjoining walking surfaces in resiliency or sound-on-cane contact. The color shall be yellow conforming to Federal Color No. 33538. This surface will be placed directly behind the yellow detectable warning texture specified in 11B-705.1.2.1, aligning with all doors of the transit vehicles where passengers will embark. The width of the directional texture shall be equal to the width of the transit vehicle’s door opening. The depth of the texture shall not be less than 36 inches (914 mm).