High Performance ADA Domes

Installation Instructions

Standard Installation into Fresh (Wet) Concrete at Rail Platforms

Background: The following installation instructions apply for Rail Transportation Platforms only.


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Locate areas to receive TekWay® ADA Dome-Tiles. Determine layout of tiles and if necessary, pre-cut tiles prior to beginning the installation process using a concrete saw with a diamond blade.

Step 1: Preparation of Dome-Tiles and Mortar

•     Prior to the arrival of the concrete, all dome-tiles should be laid out upside-down along the platform section being poured. Insert anchors and hand tighten only, then, back off one quarter of a turn. Also, prepare the setting mortar Type “S” or equivalent.

Step 2: Installation into Fresh Concrete (Wet Concrete):

•     Pour, level, tamp and screed concrete to a depth no greater than ½” from top of form.


Note: Concrete must be fresh and showing no signs of setting up to ensure anchors will be fully encapsulated and achieve a solid bond between mortar and concrete.

Note: Concrete should not be poured in excess of ten feet beyond last tile set.


Step 3: Prepare TekWay® ADA Dome-Tiles

•     Wet the back of dome-tiles with water.

•     Apply a layer of mortar no less than 1/8” thick to the back of the TekWay® Dome- Tiles

•     Remove excess mortar from the sides of the tiles (ensures tight grout joints)



Step 4: Installing Tile into fresh concrete

•    Set tiles immediately after applying mortar. Place the first tile into position. The surface (base of the domes) of the tile should fall between 1/8” and 1/4” above grade.

•    Apply weight with one hand to the center of the tile and with the other hand strike the tile with a soft rubber mallet to force out any air pockets from between the tile and concrete.


Note: The physical weight of the person forces the excess concrete out from under the tile, not the rubber mallet. The function of the mallet is to set the concrete in motion by the impact.

• Work the base of the domes on the tile down to be flush with the adjacent surfaces to
provide a smooth transition between surfaces.

• Set tiles edge to edge.

• Repeat this procedure until the entire platform installation is complete

Note: Concrete must be fresh and showing no signs of setting up to ensure anchors will be fully encapsulated and achieve a solid bond between mortar and concrete.


General recommendation:

The process of setting multiple tiles efficiently works best with two - three people

• The 1st person wets and places the mortor on the tile and then hands it to the 2nd person while also helping to lower it into place

• The 2nd person positions the tile and sets it to correct grade while working out any air pockets/voids using a rubber mallet

• The 3rd person follows closely behind the install, checking measurements and making any minor adjustments that may be required. Cleaning any Concrete residue on the tiles


Following the above procedure will help to ensure 100% surface contact between the concrete and the dome-tiles and eliminate potential voids underneath the tiles. Domes and concrete-platform are ‘forming’ the desired monolithic structure.


Step 5.  Finish Concrete and Remove Protective Covering

• If applicable, remove protective covering from the TekWay® ADA Dome-Tiles within 48 hours after completing the above steps

Warning: Sunlight damages the protective covering!  Therefore, prolonged exposure to sunlight can make removal of the protective covering time-consuming, difficult, and potentially, very costly.