A Detectable Warning device (ADA truncated domes) is a standardized surface feature built into or applied to a walking surface or other elements to warn of hazards on a circulation.  In essence, it is an important tool for the visually impaired community to assist them in safely navigating their paths of travel. 

There are several manufacturers of detectable warning products that differ in design, construction and materials.  In order to formulate an intelligent decision about what product to install in your sidewalk ramps, entrance areas and mass transit platforms, one must have all the key-information in front of them.  StrongGo Industries will bring its comprehensive ‘knowledge of domes’ to you and your staff. 

A member of our management team can meet with your staff and present them with a brief or in-depth overview of our AIA continuing education course.  Below is an outline of our Lunch and Learn presentation which is a subset of our online AIA course.

  • Who is the end user of these Detectable Warning Tools for?
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act, (ADA)
  • Being ADA Compliant
  • ADA Laws and Guidelines
  • What other Legal Requirements have to be met?
  • CBC, TAS and other state-specific regulations  (if applicable)
  • What types of Detectable Warning Products are available?
  • Detectable Warnings by generation
  • Comparing different ADA Dome manufacturing materials
  • What makes a High Performance ADA Dome?
  • Install instructions for TekWay High Performance ADA Domes
  • Training Video with installation instructions

Upon completion of the approx. 30 minute presentation, a question and answer session will afford the group the opportunity to engage in discussions relevant to present and future projects within your jurisdiction.

Thank you for your time and for considering TekWay High Performance Domes.