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26 Dec

Why ADA Compliant Dome Tile is the Best Option for Climate Change

The changing climate is raising alarms throughout the world as scientists and researchers shed light on rapid changes within ecosystems around the earth. Glaciers are shrinking. Winter is shortening. Certain habitats have shifted or disappeared altogether. Sea levels are rising. Heatwaves have intensified.

Scientists predict that global temperatures will only continue to rise due to the greenhouse gases from human activities. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the temperature rise may be anything from 2.5 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit in the next century.

Temperature Rise

The rise of temperatures means that carbon dioxide is acting as a blanket over our environment and preventing heat from escaping. Extreme heat causes widespread crop failure, unsafe environments within cities, and dramatic shifts in animal and plant habitats.

Precipitation Patterns

Since the 1990s, precipitation within the United States has increased. Some areas have had greater increases while others have decreased. These changes in precipitation mean that cities and towns must adapt. More precipitation increases inland results in coastal flooding, while less precipitation means drier soil that only exacerbates heat waves.

Rising Sea Level

The sea level has risen approximately 8 inches since 1880, and scientists predict that it will rise another 1-4 feet by 2100. Data shows that this rise is occurring due to melting land ice. This rise in sea level means more flooding and land subsidence, causing damage for coastal communities, and infrastructure in every sea-bordering country and city.

Every part of the United States is experiencing the effects of climate change. From the north to the south and east to the west, the US has seen a dramatic increase in heat waves, precipitation, sea-level rise, erosion, wildfires, extreme heat, drought, and more.

As society looks for steps to take to slow climate change and adapt city infrastructure, communities are looking for solutions that can hold up under severe weather and climates.

ADA Compliant Dome Tiles

When it comes to accessible city living, sidewalks, and public transportation, local governments need materials that will be reliable for heavy foot traffic and harsh weather conditions. Climate change requires construction choices that will hold up under sunny day flooding, extreme heat, and intense precipitation. The TekWay ADA compliant dome tile offers functionality, aesthetic, and durability that will be crucial characteristics as environmental conditions like standing water, increasing temperatures and inclement weather become more frequent. 

City sidewalks, ramps, and intersections require materials that can withstand not only the daily rigors of ongoing foot traffic but extreme temperatures and weather as well.

Platform Edge Tiles

The Bull-Nose detectable warning dome tiles can be used for both platform edges and recessed designs. Available in staggered or in-line patterns, this detectable warning dome tile minimizes possible chipping or breakage caused by heavy wheels or mobility devices. These tiles are also better at creating a smooth transition from platform to the public transportation vehicle.

Straight Edge Tiles

Most commonly used at bus and streetcar stops, these tiles are installed along the curb line of the sidewalk, denoting the boarding area for public transportation. They protect the sidewalk from the wear and tear of constant use, and they also show tangible cues about the space used for public transportation stop.

Navigational/Directional Bars

For mass transit stations and platforms, navigational or directional bars are raised surfaces that align in the direction of travel. This can help individuals with low vision find trains, bus stops, and light rails. These durable tiles must also meet the same standards of other detectable warning tiles.

As our urban areas suffer extreme heat and sunny day flooding, it’s crucial for detectable dome tiles to be manufactured using the right materials. 

Tekway detectable dome tiles are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, intense precipitation patterns, and flooding. These dome tiles can withstand the toughest weather and heaviest pedestrian traffic. Speak with an industry expert at today to discover your solutions.