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TekWay’s Architectural Series was developed with designers and architects in mind. It allows for mandatory detectable warnings to become a visually attractive and unique part of your next project. One piece of brick pavers, radius tiles, block pattern and more.

Since 2004, StrongGo has committed to designing and producing durable and reliable products. With business on the incline, requests for more and more “specialty” tiles have increased. TekWay was prompted to release the TekWay’s Architectural Series. This series was developed to have TekWay’s Technical group collaborate with designers and engineers to define and incorporate specialty tiles with specific design elements in mind.

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Custom Shape Detectible Warnings



The optimal solution for separating sidewalk-level bicycle & pedestrian pathways in dense urban areas like Universities and city centers.

In an effort for inner cities to relieve vehicle congestion and pollution, City Planners across the U.S. are redesigning sections of their streets to incorporate Separated Bicycle Lanes with pedestrian paths at sidewalk level.  With this condensing of urban spaces, pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists are closer than ever—making safety an even greater priority for the millions of visually impaired Americans.

Proven Safety & Effectiveness

Our Trapezoid Delineator Tiles are designed and have been tested extensively by the SMFTA to safely separate the visually impaired pedestrians from cyclists on separated bicycle lanes at sidewalk level. They are intended for areas such as city centers, parks, and universities or any area where the two paths would be adjacent on the same level. Those with no or low vision are able to physically differentiate the tiles, while bicyclists can safely see and feel the boundary between walking and riding.

Available Sizes & Colors:


12” x 12”  or  12” x 48”



•  Natural Colors
•  Federal Color Standard #595
•  Custom Colors


True Radius Tiles

True Radius Tiles

Detectable Warnings

TekWay has met the ever-increasing demands for radius tiles used in public and private projects, large and small.

  • TekWay ADA Dome Tiles in radius configuration are designed for curb ramps with a 10’ to 60’ radii and in depths of 24” or 36”.
  • TekWay radius tiles are CAD designed to ensure ADA compliant dome spacing from dome to dome and from tile to tile. Our technical staff works with architects and designers to determine the number of full radius tiles required for your project, when possible.
  • By selecting the correct radius tiles, the potential need for cutting/grinding domes can be eliminated and a perfect overall finished look produced.
Angled Custom ADA Domes Tiles

Angled Detectable Warnings


Detectable Warnings

Another example of a custom-made tile to meet the designer’s needs.


Wedge-shaped ADA Detectable Warnings by TekWay

Wedge Detectable Warning Tiles and ADA Domes


Detectable Warnings

When a wedge tile is considered the best option for a project, TekWay can custom design and manufacture tiles specific to almost any job. Wedge tiles are flat on both ends and create a beautiful “flower petal” effect which can be used in a variety of locations like surrounding water features or park monuments.

Brick Pattern ADA Dome Tile Warnings

Brick Pattern ADA Tile Dome Warning Tile

Brick Pattern

Detectable Warnings

TekWay has combined the “old world” look of brick with the durability of an advanced polymer concrete tile. TekWay ADA Domes with “brick pattern” includes;

  • Detectable Warnings with perfectly shaped domes
  • Durability and performance which leads to longevity
  • Eliminates undermined sand beds and uneven paver surfaces
Block Pattern ADA Dome Tile Detectable Warnings

Block Pattern Detectable Warning

Block Pattern

Detectable Warnings

TekWay has extended its larger tile format to include a segmented square paver feature. The look of a small 12”x12” pavers incorporated into a large tile. Installing larger tiles reduces additional grout joints and labor hours while giving a classic 12”x12” paver look.

Navigational Bar Tile

Directional and Navigational Bars were developed for municipalities in California to be installed within the streets and parallel to crosswalks to safely guide those with low vision along routes where other visual cues or points of reference are nonexistent.

  • Navigational Bars can be used on or adjacent to Mass Transit Platforms
  • Available in 12"x12" and 12"x48” as well as 24”x36” and 30”x36” sizes
  • Custom sizes can be manufactured
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