High Performance ADA Domes

Anchoring System

To further guarantee long-term high performance, TekWay® ADA Domes include a proven method for the installer to anchor the “domes” into fresh concrete, independent of their location and / or ramp configuration.  This procedure ensures the “domes” will withstand all inclement weather conditions and temperature swings for years to come.

 Reasons to use anchors for the installation of TekWay® ADA Domes:

•      The anchors help to hold the tile in place during install

•      As the tiles are installed, the anchors are ‘encapsulated’ by the fresh concrete

•      As the concrete shrinks during the curing process, the now “encapsulated” anchors are creating a continuous solid bond of the tile with its concrete substrate, and the desired monolithic structure of the ramp (substrate and domes) has now been achieved through a lasting void-free installation.

TekWay® ADA Domes Anchoring System